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The Obstacle Course

Do you find yourself doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING except studying the Bible? 

Or are you nagged by your own guilt that you can't remember the last time you opened God's Word? 

Yep, those are normal hurdles we have to face. We humans get easily overwhelmed with what we THINK Bible study has to be. We think it's always difficult, confusing, or even dry and boring. 😳 We struggle with guilt and "getting behind." Sometimes we just don't know where to start! {Who do you think we can attribute this to??}

Yet we know that avoiding this practice doesn't lead to the life that Jesus calls us to. In John 10:10 we find out where the confusion comes from (spoiler alert!) - and what Jesus desires for us instead:

The thief comes only to kill and steal and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

Let's put the devil's tricks away! He tells us that we'll never get it right. That we'll always feel guilty about our Bible study habits, and that God only wants to control us anyway. That we should just watch another show instead. Because - what's the point?

But the thing is - the devil hates us. As in, really, really HATES us. Jesus is all about the abundant life because He loves us. As in, really, REALLY LOVES US. If we ask for help from the Holy Spirit (whose actual job it is to guide us into all truth), which one do you think will win? 

I think you already know the answer. 😉 You need both inspiration and know-how to create space in your life for consistently spending time with God in His Word. You'll find all of that here in this workbook, along with positive, loving peer pressure and a newfound craving for God's Word. 

God will work through you, through this study, to know and love Him more. You just need to ask for His help.

Create room in your life to help you consistently read - and understand - the Bible better, in just a few weeks!

  • You'll learn how to minimize and deal with distractions, studying IN SPITE OF THEM
  • You'll be inspired to simplify your life, creating margin for what's really important
  • You'll find out your optimal learning styles and how to implement them
  • You'll let go of the guilt & perfectionism, learning how tiny steps can add up to something big
  • You'll learn to crave Bible study just like you crave anything else - chocolate included!
  • You'll ditch the overwhelm and find the perfect place to start

Do you think YOU can do it? 

Maybe you think you can't. But God can. 

Testimonials for The Obstacle Course: 

"This is the first Bible study of yours that I have completed. I really liked the layout and the length of the lessons. I could easily complete 1 (and sometimes more) in one sitting, which helped me feel accomplished. ;). I look forward to studying with you all again in the future. Thank you!" ~Heather Y.

"You have helped me to see my life and some of the more “mundane” details of it as holy work and a blessing, drawing me closer to God in my daily duties. This study is a good balance of reading, writing, thinking, reflecting, planning, and acting, presented with beautiful graphics. I think you’ve got it all! Thank you again for this study, which has blessed me greatly." ~Lynne G.

What is included in this course?

The Obstacle Course is both an online course AND a digital workbook with 70+ pages. It includes a MEGABUNDLE of study tools and other goodies:

  • 20 Lessons, including practical, game-changers for EVERY type of distraction {worth $25}
  • 6+ Home decor printables {worth $36}
  • 6+ Helpful worksheets {worth $15}
  • Inspirational digital graphics for your computer and smartphone {worth $5}

*BONUS: Both 2020 and 2021 Scripture Writing Plan pdfs {24 total; worth $16}
*BONUS: Social Scriptures video tutorial: How we create Bible verse graphics for social media {worth $10}
*BONUS: $8 off coupon for the coordinating T-shirt from our Etsy shop

This digital workbook + the bonuses would normally cost $115.😮 But this is an important topic, and we know that’s a lot of money. That’s why we’re offering the workbook, graphic goodies, and bonus material for only $22, a price comparable to devotional workbooks at any Christian bookstore.

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