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We're so glad you found us, friend! There's nothing better than studying God's Word with other sisters in Christ. The Ruffled Mango team wants to remind you to live out the gospel-centered life, to joyfully learn the ways of Jesus Christ, to encourage you to draw ever closer to Him and bear much fruit in His name, and to inspire you to speak the truth in love. {And when we say "you," we also mean us. 😉}

The Ruffled Mango blog was founded in 2015, with a focus on the Christian lifestyle; our monthly Scripture Writing plans became our most popular posts. Soon after, we began creating online Bible studies - and then Bible study tools and other faith-based items (like our Faith Journals, wall calendars, digital cards, & t-shirts) in our Etsy shop. Our signature watercolor florals continually remind us of the beauty found in the Bible. 

God's Word is living and active even today, and we absolutely believe that you can cultivate a love of studying it, which leads to a changed heart and a joyful life

Won't you join us?
~Kristen, Ashley, Alyssa, Kelly, & Christy

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Bible Study Freebies

Want to try out a Bible lesson from The Obstacle Course? This free lesson called "Giving God Your Imperfections" helps you overcome guilt when you're trapped in that "all or nothing" mentality. Plus - you'll also get our exclusive bonus Scripture Writing Plan on The Word of God. 

The Obstacle Course

Do you want to study the Bible more consistently & more joyfully?

It's a busy, distracted world we live in - and that's no accident. After all, "If the devil can't make you bad, he'll make you busy." It is absolutely our responsibility to pare down the non-essentials to get to the good stuff. We often simply have our priorities backwards. With lots of encouragement from The Ruffled Mango team, you'll find that you CAN enjoy Bible study and you CAN prioritize it. We're going to exercise grace over guilt - and friend, if you think this sounds good, you're in the perfect place today.


Have the Submission Scripture Writing Plan and want to know more? The coordinating Bible study includes lovely themed graphics and will tackle these 4 topics:

*A Carpenter's Son
*Lord, Make Me a Servant
*Shocking, Sickening, or Sublime? The Submissive Wife
*Submitting to the Authorities

Also, when you sign up for the Bible study, you'll get $2 off the coordinating monthly t-shirt from our Etsy shop AND $2 off next month's Bible study on Abundance. 

Submission Scripture Writing Plan

Submission is a touchy subject, especially in today's culture, but we can certainly still appreciate its beauty (and intelligence) when we look at what the Bible tells us. Download your free Submission Scripture Writing Plan here!

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