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Abundance Bible Study

Sometimes we humans find ourselves operating from a mindset of scarcity. We become stingy with our time, our resources, and our energy. We think that there's just not enough to go around and we stop sharing. Simply put, we have forgotten about the overflowing abundance that God heaps upon us every day...his tender mercies, new every morning...little reminders of his goodness and grace...we might be so busy that we may even not recognize the big reminders of his power and majesty, such as raging thunderstorms or the quiet changing of seasons. 

Of course, the obvious answer to this is to draw our focus towards the bountiful abundance that we possess in Christ. With a little bit of intention, we can let God fill our cups to overflowing...and we'll find ourselves open-handed once again, freely and joyfully offering those around us the time, resources, and love that they need. 

What's included in this Bible study:

*4 full-length lessons with journaling questions (one posted every Monday):
     - A God of Infinite Power and Love
     - Bountiful Blessings in God
     - Living Life Abundantly
     - My Cup Runs Over
*Smartphone & computer wallpapers, 2 printables + other beautiful graphics
*Set of Scripture Writing questions
*Complete workbook with all lessons & worksheets (posted at the end of the month) 

*When you enroll in the Abundance study, you'll also get a $2.00 off coupon for our monthly T-shirt in our Etsy shop AND a $2.00 coupon to enroll in next month's study on Contentment. 💛

We'd love for you to join us as we step into this world of plenty, thanking God for His abundant care as we gain momentum to pay it forward. 💛 ~Kristen, Ashley, Alyssa, Christy, & Kelly

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