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Hey, - I'm a big believer in consistent small steps equaling a great victory. You're taking the first of those small steps right here! Not long from now, you'll look back and be amazed...and then you'll find yourself cheering others on with those same words. 

You can absolutely gain a greater knowledge of God and love for His Son by choosing these small, incremental steps. If you've never done Scripture writing before, all you need to do is get a notebook or our Glorify Faith Journal and your favorite pen. Day by day, you'll simply write the assigned verse(s). You will probably find that you're inspired to read the surrounding verses - or highlight important words - or use the daily Scriptures in your prayer to God. Branch out however you desire to! Just start and commit to a few minutes a day. That's all - start small...and then wait for big things. ~Kristen


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The Obstacle Course Freebies

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